With the changing effects of weather, snowfall can create a burden for your business if you’re not prepared. Nobel Weather Associates provides financial tools that can effectively hedge (offset) your weather-related risk and create more financial certainty in your budget.

These financial tools utilize weather options and proprietary analytics to determine the appropriate risk profiles necessary to hedge (offset) your company’s specific exposure. By transforming the impact weather has on your business, you can focus your attention on your business.

Snow Removal

Hedging Snow Removal Costs

Hedging your snow removal costs will allow you to cap your snow removal expenses without sacrificing service, converting your variable maintenance expenses to fixed costs. Our products work because of the knowledge we’ve implemented into the patented analysis of the clients’ property, snow contracts, tenant leases, and risk appetites, resulting in an accurate derivatives contract.

Hedging is favorable to fixed price, or seasonal, removal contracts because most fixed price snow removal contracts lead to contractors skimping on snow removal services once average snowfall levels are realized. Hedging your snow expenses allows you to cap your snow removal costs and reap the savings associated with a season of below average snowfall.

Hedging to Protect Snow Related Revenue

Ski Resort

Nobel Weather products can be used to protect snow related revenue when critical revenue levels are necessary. Our products will offset revenue shortages due to weather for snow removal providers, salt suppliers or equipment lessors.