Nobel Weather Associates has spent the past decade providing weather analytics and expertise to clients across the U.S.  In 2015, market demand drove the partners to refine offerings and focus on managing snow removal for real estate clients.

We now service over 2,000 properties and process over 18,000 invoices annually, saving our clients millions on snow removal costs and administrative expenses.

Snow Removal

Services & Products

Contract & Portfolio Analysis: Review the portfolio, past invoices, and historical weather to determine best contract and pricing

Budget & Planning: Combining contracted pricing with historical weather across your locations to create a data-driven budget for snow spend

Invoice Management & Approval: Automated platform to submit, approve, and process all vendor invoices using local weather and proprietary analytics


Ski Resort
  • Ensure that property & weather dictate spend, rather than the snow provider

  • Lower snow removal costs while requiring less time investment from local leaders across portfolio

  • Data driven process creates a snow removal budget you can have confidence in

  • Real-time updates throughout the season eliminate any surprises at the end of winter

  • Site-specific data down to the time and date of each service allows management to make informed decisions and reduce risk