Nobel Weather Associates was invented by Bill Noyes, a veteran futures trader who retired after 25 years of trading on the Chicago Board of Trade. During his retirement, Bill developed the idea to commercially hedge companies weather while running a regional snow removal company in the metropolitan Chicago area. Bill discovered that many of his snow removal customers struggled with the unpredictable expense levels associated with traditional plowing contracts and service. He realized that commercial hedging contracts could be formulated to address this problem and began selling the snow removal expense hedge to his snow removal customers.

The success of this snow removal hedge encouraged Bill to launch Nobel Weather Associates and build a team that could make weather hedging available throughout North America. Nobel Weather can provide consulting, brokerage, and risk mitigation services to companies without the internal capability to do it themselves.

The Nobel Weather team merges over 150 years of experience from the worlds of snow and ice management, commercial real estate, financial markets, logistics and consulting — leaving us uniquely positioned to assist the client in their need for weather risk reduction.